Students and teachers collaborate on this year’s HERstory Museum

Jessica Carter, Staff Writer

Jessica Carter
Sophomore Lilliana Bremerkamp works on a poster for the HERstory Museum in art teacher Caitlin Munguia’s room.

On Friday, March 15, GCAA will be presenting the HERstory Museum from 5-7pm. Headed by art teacher Caitlin Munguia, the HERstory Museum is a display of student and teacher collaborative projects to honor National Women’s Month through arts. Seventh grader Paul Notaro is one of the many students who contributed to the making of the museum.

“Most of my classes were doing something for HERstory. In my Biology class with Mr. Buck, I’m doing a collaborative poster on Henrietta Lacks. She helped scientists figure out how to study cells due to a mutation in her cancer cells…For Algebra II with Mr. Mancuso, I’m doing a poster on Mary Styles Harris, who dealt with molecular biology and helped with getting minorities to get tested for diseases and treated.  For History with Ms. Nester, I did a poem based on the style of Georgia Douglas Johnson, a female poet. It was a lot to do and I’ve had to stay after school everyday this past week,” said Notaro, “So, I’m definitely going to the museum.”

Be sure to come to the museum tonight. There will be food, art, and performances. It’s free admission, but donations are welcomed.