Students embody live portraits, inspired by the works of Alexa Meade

Elyse Luecke


Elyse Luecke

Mya Stevens, sophomore, looks in the mirror as she paints herself, becoming a live portrait. She is interested in doing similar projects and expanding upon this idea.

Elyse Luecke, Managing Editor

Alexa Meade, an American installation artist best known for her portraits painted on the body and inanimate objects, was the inspiration for visual art students to expand their projects beyond the studio.

Students who participated in this project teamed up with the photography department as well, in order to showcase their work. A documentary was filmed and edited to project at the fall art show as a more in depth exploration of the live portraits.

“We take our knowledge from other paintings, like our pop art portraits, to incorporate into our own work,” Mya Stevens, sophomore said.

One of the main objectives in this project was to take a form of 3D art and make it look 2D. Different techniques with a camera, and using different angles and shading helped students to navigate the direction for their live portraits.

Students were free to choose what they wanted to do and how they approached their project.