Students give an impeccable performance of ‘Shrek’ the musical


Natalie O'Dell

Princess Fiona (Averey Campbell), Shrek (Charles Pierson), Donkey (Ayanna Taylor )

Jessica Carter, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 3, students, both middle and high school, preformed the premiere of ‘Shrek’ the musical – the chosen musical for Spring 2019. There were 3 shows total May 3rd-5th. My friend and I attended the first showing on that Friday, to be honest, with high expectations. And the show most definitely reached those expectations.

The show started off with young Shrek being kicked out by his family to show the audience the reason for Shrek’s personality traits. I found this to be a very creative addition to the fairy tale, since in the original series, we hear very little about Shrek’s origins.  We get the same type of theme with Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaad. Something else we don’t see in the original showing of ‘Shrek’ is the perspective of the fairy tail creatures. We don’t just witness the character development of Shrek and Princess Fiona, but we also see the fairy tale creatures become increasingly more confident with who and what they are.

Natalie O’Dell
Tess Krampfert as ‘Thesolonius’ adressing the crowd of ‘Duloc’ (Raven Schad, Rachel Mueller, Aiya Hunter, Colin Schuessler) about who will win to rescue Princess Fiona

This show was filled with a lot of amazing talent and dedication. I can tell this show took a lot of work and I love how everyone worked hard to make this performance amazing.