Students involved in exhibit and presentation for The Paly Foundation

Hakim Faulk engages in banners provided by the Paly Foundation.

Kaitlyn Eckhard, Assistant Editor

The Paly Foundation is an organization whose goal is to bring awareness to endangered species. They provide exhibits to zoos, events, and occasionally schools.  On April 5th, GCAA had the opportunity to hear from a curator of the Paly Foundation, Charmin Dahl. Dahl spoke to students and informed that about conservation art.

“Paly Foundation makes exhibits on endangered species that we loan out,” said Dahl. The Paly Foundation was founded in Arizona and is now in many zoos all around the country. They set up exhibits that inform people and they always include art from independent artists.

The Paly Foundation’s main goal is to involve everyday people in the conservation. They hope to encourage people to make small changes in their everyday life to make an overall big impact.

Many students agree with this message.

”Soon enough our generation will be in charge of keeping the planet alive and we want to do a good job of it,” Amelia Gray, eighth grade said.

That’s why each exhibit provides ways for students to get involved.

“For each exhibit, we provide a ‘nature hero’ which would be a professional in the field of conservation and we then couple that with things that anybody can do to help,” said Dahl.

“We’re hoping to introduce people top an endangered species and then provide them a model with helping and then give them suggestions,” said Dahl.