Stylin’ Into the New School Year


Colin Schuessler

Maya Hines, junior, shows off her fashion

Colin Schuessler, Staff Reporter

GCAA students always know how to dress to impress. Everyday at GCAA is a fashion show with so many big personalities and different styles going throughout the building.

With everyone coming back in person, people are definitely showing who they are through the way they dress. Here at GCAA everyone has so many different inspirations, from celebrities to parents to nature.

One student being Senior Nayla Nava,

“I get a lot of my inspiration from celebrities, like Aaliyah and Selena,” Nava said.

Nava pulls influence from these celebrities using sunglasses and hair styles. She even likes to wear her idols on her shirts, she has many Selena shirts that she wears to embrace her inner Selena style. Nava is definitely not a person who is scared to wear what she wants.

Her advice to people who are struggling with fashion is to,

“…source: look at pictures of people, models, fashion runways from the 90s and 2000s to get inspiration. “

Nayla Nava, senior, shows off her nails, sunglasses, and fashion (Colin Schuessler)

Lameesha Taylor, a sophomore, says she doesn’t see anyone else with her sense of style. She likes to inspire her own sense of fashion.

Taylor emphasizes that she actually doesn’t dress how her personality is,

“A lot of these kids think I’m emo, depressed, and an introvert but in reality I’m the happiest person ever,” says Taylor.

Taylor doesn’t care how people think of her, she has accepted herself and doesn’t know what others have to think about her. She says that she dresses very alternatively, and sees many alternative black people at this school who are similar to her.

Others dress for comfortability.

“Honestly comfort and function is how I pick out my outfits,” Junior Andy Mureithi said.

Mureithi  likes to wear pockets and layers. So they can take off layers and add more if needed.

Mureithi also is inspired by nature and neutral colors. Especially fall colors, like browns, greens, and tans. Mureithi’s  friends say that they dress in calm colors, which they would say relates to their personality. Andy says the art classes at GCAA definitely help their expression and the way they put their outfits and colors together.

Speaking of Mureithi’s friends, Junior Galen “Lee” Jehle, dresses the opposite.

Jehle says that they are someone who is pretty eclectic, or someone who gets inspiration from a lot of different sources. She likes to use colors and clashing patterns to express herself through her clothes. Being in a school that is so diverse and artistic, and seeing how people dress, has helped Jehle come out of her shell and gain confidence in her fashion sense.

Freshman, Izzy Lanos, likes to dress with the trends, while also being comfortable.

“I get a lot of inspiration from my sister, Island, (senior) and from street wear.” said Lanos.

She likes to take sweatpants and comfortable clothes and incorporate them into streetwear. Lanos says her fashion sense has developed over her time at GCAA,

“The clothes I used to wear were mitch match and I barely had any fashion sense,” said Lanos

But once Lanos started getting inspirations from street wear, she gained confidence in her style.

Every student at GCAA has their own personal style, but they definitely use many forms of inspiration.