Technology breach disrupts Confluence Charter Schools’ computer systems


Photo Illustration

Computer screen appears with, “There is no internet connection”. Systems are now running, however it is still unknown how the network was breached.

Caroline Knapp, Staff Writer

On Sunday, April 23rd, there was a technology breach that disrupted the Confluence Charter Schools’ computer network: “A lot of information was encrypted and destroyed,” said Alex Blandina, GCAA User Support Technician. This initially caused the internet to crash, however it has been restored at all campuses. Phone service was also affected but has been recovered on all Confluence campuses, causing GCAA getting a new phone system installed altogether. Teacher and staff emails were compromised as well, however Microsoft Outlook has been restored for nearly all the teachers; they can now access their email accounts, but many no longer have access to old emails. Student tests for the Missouri Assessment Program and End-of-Course exams are still in progress. As of right now, there is no evidence that any student data was compromised.