The Last Time I… Went To a Musical

Valera Robinson, Staff Writer

“I recently saw Cinderella at the Fox Theatre and it was amazing!” says Marissa Pineda, 9th grade. “My family got tickets because we have season passes for 2015, which you can easily purchase.” The Fox’s box office is located down the street from GCAA at 531 South Grand. They have multiple ways to buy tickets online, through mail or in person. This musical was the Roger and Hammerstein version, and some called it the Cinderella in a modern carriage. Cinderella, nicknamed Ella, toils away for her stepmother and stepsisters. The characters aren’t necessarily mean or creepy, more sarcastic and silly. “Even though it sounds like a stupid kid story it was pretty great. The set was amazing, full of details. Even the costume changes were unbelievable, they happened right in front of your eyes!” The actress playing Cinderella, Paige Faure, changes from servant to princess right there on stage. “It was quite a sight to behold,”  Pineda said reminiscing.”Musicals always have great jokes for both younger kids and older. I went with my mom and sister, it taught me fairy tales are told in many ways”. The main goal throughout the musical was to get Ella to believe in her dreams and goals. That can be taken into effect in reality for a lot of people, that we have to get up and work for our dreams and goals in life.” The production went until February 1st, and is a two and a half hour show complete with a happily ever after.