The Neighbourhood performs at Pageant – Taking many fans on a journey to 2015


Nuri Broady

After an off-stage outfit change frontman, Jesse Rutherford, wears an all gray suit.

Nuri Broady
The Neighbourhood performing at The Pageant.

On Friday, November 15, the Pageant’s stage was lit up by the Neighbourhood’s trippy/moody indie melodies. The Neighbourhood is an alternative indie-pop group mostly known for their radio hit, “Sweater Weather.”

Fans waited hours outside the venue in 50-degree weather until the doors opened and after what felt like ages, the first opener took the stage. The soft indie-rock singer, Claud, was a crowd favorite. Many fans yelled out compliments and questions during their set such as, “You’re so cute,” or “I love you,” and even “What are your pronouns?” so everyone could make them feel comfortable. They performed many songs including a crowd hit called, “Wish You Were Gay,” which is about how they wish that their crush was gay so they can be together. 

The second act was an indie-alternative group called ‘Slow Hollows’. Slow Hollows is a 5-piece group that immediately caught the eyes of the young teenage girls in the venue. Their lo-fi indie beats and alternative rock choruses filled the venue while many people danced or swayed along with the music. Most fans were calm while others were slightly too lovestruck by the lead singer, Austin Anderson, making comments like “What’s your name!” or “He’s hot!”

An intermission occurred after Slow Hollows’ set ended. All you could hear was the indistinct chatter of people conversing all around you. Many people were on their phones and some were even starting to sit down on the concrete floor of the venue. After time passed, the stage curtain abruptly dropped and all you heard were screams.

Nuri Broady
As seen on the music video for ‘Middle of Somewhere’, frontman of The Neighbourhood, Jesse Rutherford, wears all silver as he performs the single.

A few minutes later the lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, entered the stage wearing a silver bodysuit, silver grills, and silver body paint as seen on their music video for the song ‘Middle of Somewhere’ which he performed only with an acoustic guitar. After the second song ‘Wiped Out!’ was over Jesse exited the stage while the rest of the band played the remainder of the song. He came back on stage wearing a silver blazer and silver slacks matching the rest of his band members. 

During the concert, the band paid a tribute to the former rapper, Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in March. Many fans held their arms up to pay respects to his death during the song ‘Livin’ in a Dream.’ The band also played several of their old songs which excited many old fans. “I heard you guys really liked our album ‘Wiped Out!’, so we’re gonna play a few songs from that album,” Jesse said as he introduced their song ‘Ferrari.’ As the concert came to an end, The Neighbourhood played their chart-topping hit, ‘Sweater Weather.’ The band then closed out the show with ‘Stuck with Me’ which is another song from their 2018 album.