The winners of student council are announced!


Jordan Gorham

Senior Nayla Nava giving her speech for high school President.

Jordan Gorham, Editor

On Wednesday, October 6th and Thursday, October 7th the Grand Center Arts Academy middle school and high school students, grades 6th through 12th, gave their student council speeches to have a shot at winning a student council officer title.

The students who gave speeches are:

  • Amira Alderson (7th Grade)
  • Ania Goodman (Freshman)
  • Colin Schuessler (Junior)
  • Darius Berman- Carter (8th Grade)
  • Drew Meyer, (Sophomore)
  • Dionne Morris (8th Grade)
  • Israel Lanos (Freshmen)
  • Jie Cruesoe (Junior)
  • Kanesha Banks (Senior)
  • London Morrow (7th Grade)
  • Nola Kelley (Sophomore )
  • Nayla Nava (Senior)
  • Pauline Rocha (Senior)

On Monday October 11th an email was sent out to announce the winners of the Student Council officers for both middle and high school.

The student council winners of high school are :

  • High School President: Nayla Nava,
  • High School vice president:Colin Schuessler
  • Secretary Nola Kelley
  • Treasurer Pauline Rocha
  • Director of public relations: Kanesha Banks

The middle school student council winners are:

  • President: Amira Alderson
  • Vice President: London Morrow,
  • Secretary: Dionne Morris
  • Treasurer: Kade Ruth
  • Director of public relations: Darius Berman- Carter