Theater department presents a new perspective on Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”

Kennedy Brown , Staff Writer

The Crucible a play about the Salem Witch trials and the hysteria and baseless accusations of witches during 1692.

Submitted by Samantha Szevery
The official poster for GCAA’s production of The Crucible. Shows are November 10th and 11th at 7:00pm in the Sun Theater.

The cast is “getting people into character and understanding their character and how they would talk, walk. And building that bond between all of the actors,” Aurora Phillips, the show’s assistant director said.

The play is Friday, November 10th, and Saturday the 11th in the Sun Theater. Some of the leading roles are John Proctor, played by Kohl Parker, Abigail Williams, played by Averey Campbell, and Elizabeth Proctor, played by Maasai Rodgers. 

The theater department is also working on “translating what we believe to be traditional material or material that doesn’t really speak to us, and translating it in a way that we can all see ourselves in,” Brandon Riley, theater teacher and director said.

You can purchase tickets online for $7, in between the cafeterias for $8, or on the day of the show for $10.