Throwing it back with the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers performing their big hit,

Nuri Broady

The Jonas Brothers performing their big hit, "Cool" at the Enterprise Center.

Nuri Broady, Staff Writer

September 14 was the day that hundreds of local Jonas Brothers fans were taken back to 2008 with the Jonas Brothers “welcome back” tour called the “Happiness Begins Tour.” The second that you walked into the venue you could see the happiness in peoples’ eyes as they were about to see a band that they waited years to see again. The environment was almost community like and welcoming. The first thing you heard when you sit in your seat was the sound of loud pop hits playing from the Dj’s amplifiers and you could see people dancing along to the music under dim lights.

The first opener was up and coming pop singer and Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw. He played a 30 minute set to warm up the crowd for the second opening act, Bebe Rehxa, a very regularly played pop icon in the media. Her set was absolutely flawless in my opinion. Many fans loved her stage presence and attitude so much, I could even hear a couple of girls behind me yelling out comments like, “Yassss! Queen!” and “Oh my gosh look at her! I love her!” She started her set with a remix of her song “Me, Myself and I” accompanied by a dance routine while everyone sang along. Most of the crowd knew the lyrics to most of her songs due to a lot of her songs regularly playing on the radio. After around 35 minutes of Bebe Rehxa’s set, everyone knew what was coming. The Jonas Brothers would play in about 15 minutes. During the intermission, the Dj came back out to temporarily entertain the crowd. He played many songs such as “The Middle” by Zedd, “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls, and “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo which was the biggest fan favorite.

Nuri Broady
The Jonas Brothers performing their big hit, “Burnin’ up” at the Enterprise Center.

After the 15 minutes of anticipation, the moment that we’ve all been waiting for finally came. The lights went dim and all you could wear was screams of excitement. Suddenly you could see a large screen turn on. The screen played a short video that portrayed the members of the Jonas Brothers as children. The kids ran down a lit hallway, but the screen abruptly went black and bright orange sparks came from the top of the screen. Each brother ran out one by one and music to their song, “Roller Coaster” began to play. This song was followed by one of their 2007 hits, “S.O.S.” Fans jumped and sang along to this nostalgic song knowing each word by heart. The Band went back and forth from songs on the new album to one of the old albums. Their set was interrupted many times by the short videos of the young versions of each member. Halfway through their show the brothers moved to a smaller stage and performed more of their songs.

Nuri Broady
The Jonas Brothers performing a song originally by Joe Jonas’ band, DNCE, called “Cake by the Ocean” at the Enterprise Center.

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas sang their solo songs such as Nick’s hit, ‘Jealous’ and Joe’s band, DNCE’s, song ‘Cake by the Ocean’.  During the end of their show, they played a compilation filled with songs from their first few albums along with a collage of all of their old videos played behind them on the big screen. They then ended the show with their most popular hits such as “Lovebug,” “Burnin up,” “Year 3000,” and “Sucker.” The crowd roared as members Nick, Joe, and Kevin walk towards each other to give a bow. The audience cheered until all three of them were nowhere to appear, then all you could see was the swarms of people leaving the venue.