Tim Mulhall – 7th grade Team Lead


Krystan Purham

After more than a decade working for the Saint Louis Science Center, Timothy Mulhall decided he needed a new challenge. That challenge was becoming the Maker-space teacher and is in his third year at Grand Center Arts Academy.

“It represented a new challenge for me, and it was a cool opportunity to take what I learned at the science center and apply it to a new setting,” Mulhall said, adding his previous job of 13 years made teaching more fun. 

“I love it–working with students and understanding they’re interest, giving students the chance to be creative with something meaningful to them and have them see exactly what they’re capable of,” Mulhall said.

Mulhall graduated with a Master of social work from Saint Louis University. 

“Working at the science center has been a great opportunity given to me,” he said. “They have a community outreach for students to get paid and learn at the same time ” 

Mulhall has been working with Children and science for over 15 years, which made him enjoy his job at Grand Center more. 

“Since I’m not from formal education, I bring a lot of informal education to this school as well as some of the partnerships from my previous job at the science center,” Mulhall said. “And it’s been a fun challenge to apply those here.”

Mulhall has served on the PBIS team all three years that he has worked at Grand Center. 

“I like finding creative ways to inspire the new generation of kids ”

In the 2021-2022 school year, Mulhall served as the sixth grade team lead. New in the 2022-2023 academic year, he is the seventh grade team lead.

“This is my first year and im excited to learn new roles and be more involved with the kids and my fellow peers.”