Tips on studying for finals


Nuri Broady, Staff Writer

Everyone has different methods and tips for studying to ace their high school finals, different methods work for different students. “It always depends what class the final is in. If it’s verbal like a speech or monologue then you should just practice out loud. If it’s just a test, then study the way that works for you,” high school science teacher, Mr. Buck commented. Not everyone has a way of studying that suits them at all but there are many different processes or ways to study.

Some students use “the isolation method,” which is when you completely isolate yourself from the outer world until you’re done studying. Sometimes working alone with no distractions is most beneficial to people who can’t focus. “I isolate myself from the rest of my family, then let them know that I’m in my room studying. I will usually take around thirty minutes to an hour on each subject that I need to study for,” stated sophomore, Jakyah Overton.

“Try to spread out your studying. If you try to cram everything all in one night you’re going to be very tired the next day and it won’t all stick in your brain,” said Junior, Amirah Bauder.

I call this next method “the calendar method.” This method is where you study a new subject every day. This is good for people who have a lot of things to do outside of school because they can stretch their studying out more. “I like to take it day by day. I’ll first ask my teachers what will be on each final then look over everything separately. For example, on Monday I’ll do some math or Tuesday I’ll do some English. Little is better,”commented Junior, Xia Brown.

My favorite method is “the practice test method.” This is when you find your subject then take multiple practice tests to see what you know and what you don’t know. “Taking practice tests don’t just assure you that you have the information memorized, but they also help you learn how to apply the information on an actual test,” said junior, Hannah Stern.

This last method is probably the most common or used method. This is “the study guide method,” which is when you get a study guide, work on it, fix your mistakes, then look over it. This is most likely the easiest method and it works for many students. “Often times the final will have a lot of extremely similar or re-worded questions that were on the study guide. Typically you’ll find questions that are on the study guide on the final,” stated sophomore, Iain Zimmerman.