Vocal Music students perform in Broadway themed “Cabaret Night”

Advanced Treble Choir performs “Mama Mia”.

Natalie O'Dell, Staff Writer

In April, the high school and middle school performed in the annual Cabaret Night. This year, the theme was Broadway.

The idea for the theme was developed over the summer by choir teachers Raynard Brown and Wes Smith. “we wanted to go to something different, because last year’s cabaret was pretty much all pop, and we didn’t want to do that again,” said Brown.

The event had a specific dress code for the performers. “I encouraged them to dress up in show costumes, so they had to pick costumes from actual broadway shows, and then students who didn’t want to do that…were just asked to wear all black,” said Brown.

Brown said he focused strongly on preparation, and that’s why he was so satisfied with the final result. “I’m not a performance person, I’m more of a process person, and I think they worked so hard during the process, what happened at the show I kind of expected to happen and that was they were much, much more prepared, did much better than I could have ever hoped for them, and I think that, more importantly, they felt good about their work, and I think that makes anyone perform better,” said Brown.

Brown believes that the performance was far superior to last year’s “The singers were much more prepared, much more focused, they worked together as a choir should. I think last year there were too many individual personalities in the group, which affected the overall performance. I think this year they were more cohesive. It felt like you were watching a show as opposed to watching individuals showing off,” he said.