Willie Turner, In-school suspension monitor

Q: What are you looking forward to at GCAA?
A: I’m looking forward to assisting administration and fellow staff members in helping kids succeed in life in their endeavors and achievements.

Q: What do you enjoy about this job?
A: I enjoy mentoring and coaching kids, letting them know that they matter and they can be whatever they want to be.

Q: What do you want people and your students to know about you?
A: To know that I’m here to assist them in their goals, And I’m also here to assist them in making adjustments to their behaviors. When their behaviors are perceived to be negative. I’m here to help them be productive students.

Q: What were you doing before GCAA?
A: Before GCAA I’ve done a couple of things I was a chaplain of the senior st Louis division of corrections. I was in charge of custody control of inmates basically I worked in the criminal justice field for 25 years.

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Willie Turner, In-school suspension monitor