Winter Concert combines instrumental and vocal music into one event

Natalie O’Dell
Sophomore Dee Brown performs with Concert Choir Treble in a Christmas sweater. “I was told that it would be okay to wear Christmas-y things, and when I showed up everybody’s wearing all black, and I thought ‘well I brought an ugly Christmas sweater, and so I went up to Mr. Rhodes and I said ‘hey, can I wear this? I didn’t know if it was okay’ and he said ‘just go for it’,” said Brown.

Natalie O'Dell, Business Manager

Students in both instrumental and vocal music pathways came together for the Winter Concert, breaking the trend of having two separate events for each.  The idea of combining the two concerts was developed at a department meeting.

“I think it was a mutual decision on the part of the music department early in the year.  We decided it would be nice to do everything in one night,” Middle school choir teacher Patrick Mattia said.

Music instructors chose holiday themed music for their students to perform at the event. “We wanted to honor different holiday traditions, we also wanted to keep it seasonally appropriate” Mattia said.  Another part of the criteria used to select music was choosing music that would challenge the students, but was also obtainable.  “It was also based on what they’re capable of playing, how much time we had to play each piece,” said band teacher Ryan Maclin.

Some instrumental ensembles, including Beginning Band and Beginning Orchestra, performed in the concert, which was earlier than previously expected.  “They need to get on stage earlier” said Maclin.