Yearbook ordering and distribution updates


Herff Jones

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, yearbook ordering and distribution have been slightly altered this year. Below are the answers to common questions relating to these changes:


Can I still buy a yearbook? Where can I order one and how much are they?

Yearbooks are still available to order online through Friday, May 1, but be aware that quantities are very limited and sales will cease when we sell out. Yearbooks are currently $35. You can order yours online here


When will I get my yearbook?

If you have bought a book, then you WILL get one—we are currently just not sure when. Originally, yearbooks were scheduled for distribution in May, but due to the publishing plant being closed until at least the end of April, we are currently unsure of the distribution date as we have not received the official status of where our yearbook is in printing. As of right now, we have not come up with a concrete plan as to how and when yearbooks will be distributed, but we will do so once we receive more information from our publisher.


Where do I send my senior quote?

We have senior quotes in the Senior Magazine rather than in the yearbook. To turn in a senior quote, vote for senior superlatives, and send in pictures of you and your friends for the Senior Magazine, visit the senior page.


I want to buy a dedication ad for my child, where can I do that?

Since the final copy of the yearbook has already been sent to print, we are unable to do yearbook ads. However, if your child is a senior, then you can go to the senior page and buy a dedication for the Senior Magazine.


I have a question that you didn’t address here. Who should I contact?

We can be reached at [email protected] with any other questions that you may have.