Flashback: Staff senior photos

Staff senior photos
April 22, 2020

Senior year is meant to be a special one compared to the rest of highschool. Unfortunately, students graduating this year did not get the experience many classes did before them due to the COVID-19 outbreak....

A future fashionista: The new era of retail

A future fashionista: The new era of retail
February 17, 2020

Depop is an app that allows absolutely anyone to sell their own products and one student in particular has taken advantage of this opportunity. Lexi Mitev is a Junior who has a “passion for fashion”...

Tu Tienes Valor: Afrospanic Atmosphere aspires to inspire

In front of a mural representing the theatre and dance departments, sophomore Nayla Nava poses for the camera.
January 30, 2020

Sophomore Nayla Nava is the co-founder of Afrospanic Atmosphere, a company that sells apparel that promotes African-American and Hispanic involvement in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics,...

Pears inspire new lessons on sustainability

A plant that was fertilized with the help of pear jam made by Green Machine students.
January 24, 2020

The middle school science department has put together a science club called the Green Machine. Spearheaded by science teacher Cassandra Lentz, the Green Machine is a class and club that is based on hydroponic...

WiFi password change affects school community

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: To demonstrate a student losing internet access Jakyah Overton sits at a school computer that states
January 15, 2020

On Nov. 4, the password to the WiFi service “CF-Guest” had been changed, affecting students and teachers alike. The abrupt change was recognized by school users almost immediately. “They changed...

Middle school teams collaborate for Recycling Trashion Show

Pre-show rush, creators gather backstage to make their last alterations. Students practiced their runway walks and added to their outfits under the supervision of science teacher Cassandra Lentz and Makerspace teacher Josh Linn.
January 13, 2020

On Monday, November 18, middle schoolers in the Makerspace and the Green Machine collaborated to put on a recycling fashion show or—the “Recycling Trashion Show 2019.” The Makerspace is a class where...

Student government setting foundations for change

Sheanique Syms speaks during student council elections.
November 25, 2019

The school has gone through many changes in the past quarter. Policies such as the dress code have been met with student protest, beautification efforts have been made to the school, and new teachers...

Spencer Bruggeman, senior

Spencer Bruggeman, senior
November 25, 2019

“One of my biggest regrets was lying to my boyfriend about my age when we first met. Like he isn’t really that much older than me -  just three years, but I just wanted to seem older. He brings it...

Trinity Cox, eighth grade

Trinity Cox, eighth grade
November 19, 2019

“My biggest regret is not seeking out the help I needed when I needed it. When I was in a dark place, I cut people off and was a terrible person and I could’ve done better. I took my dark place out...

Nala Lindsey, seventh grade

Nala Lindsey, seventh grade
November 12, 2019

“In the first grade, this is really dumb, but there was this kid I really liked and he liked me and we dated for like 15  minutes and he was super nice, but I regret breaking up with him for no reason....

Homecoming committee chooses Neon Nights as 2019’s theme

A homecoming with friends is what makes the night special for seniors, Martese Davis and Neva’eh Moorehead. “24/7 It’s a stress. It’s stressors, you always feel like something’s on your shoulder. Something always brings you down. We’re always gonna have responsibilities to handle...To just realize it’s okay to kinda relax, I would say that’s why it’s important to go out and be with your friends,
November 8, 2019

This year’s homecoming followed the theme “Neon Nights” and took place on Saturday, October 12, in the CPA gym. The homecoming pep rally and basketball game took place the day before. “We decided...

Art students paint trashcans to boost creativity

Students let their newly painted unfinished trash bins dry. Each bin with a unique design and/or pattern.
November 6, 2019

On Tuesday, October 16th, GCAA’s trash bins came alive when seven of the school’s artists were hand-selected to decorate the school’s bins. The question is, why did they pick trash cans to paint?...

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