Drag and Cosplay Performers

The GSA promotes confidence and boldness through new Cosplay Cabaret event

Korissa Smith, Editor April 18, 2022

The Gender-Sexualities Alliance presented GCAA’s first ever Cosplay Cabaret! The event involved the performances of professional cosplayers and drag kings and queens. It also included a few student performers. The...

Photo of GSAs Cosplay Cabaret event with QR to the ticket website

Gender-Sexualities Alliance Club presents GCAA’s first ever Cosplay Cabaret event

Korissa Smith, Editor March 15, 2022

GCAA’s Gender-Sexualities Alliance is putting on the first ever Cosplay Cabaret! This event will involve students of all grades performing alongside professional Drag and Cosplay Artists! The performance...

The GCAA BLM Association presents... With these Hands: A Black Empowerment Experience

GCAA’s Annual Black History Month Event

Jordan Gorham, Editor February 10, 2022

The GCAA Black Lives Matter Association will be hosting this year’s Black History Month Event! This is the first time in GCAA history that there will be a specific event catered towards Black artists...

Admin enforces stricter rules to stop in-school violence

Colin Schuessler, Staff Reporter January 11, 2022

Due to increased school disruptions and violence a new rule has been implemented into GCAA. This rule is: Anyone participating in a fight will receive a 10 day out of school suspension and a recommendation...

Finals schedule for the week of January 10-14

The End of the Semester Approaches! Dates to be aware of…

Korissa Smith, Editor January 7, 2022

The last week of the first semester is approaching and there may be questions on what the finals schedule for grades 9th - 12th looks like (no finals for grades 6th - 8th). The schedule as reported is: Monday...

Left freshman WIlliam Carson, Senior Rebekah Gilbert, Senior Ava Irlbeck- Whitson, Sophomore Tristan Long, and Senior Jordan Gorham

Stage Band competes in Fox Theater Teen Talent Competition

Korissa Smith, Editor January 6, 2022

GCAA stage band was given an opportunity to participate in Saint Louis’ own “Teen Talent Competition”! The idea came from senior Rebecca Gilbert who heard about the competition from a friend from...

The finished boxes for student councils toy drive!

Student Council Toy Drive

Jordan Gorham, Editor December 14, 2021

The High School Student Council of GCAA is having an annual toy drive this year to help give back to the Saint Louis Children’s Hospital. All toys that are donated should be new and freshly bought...

Mr.Keiths Musical Theater Dance 3 & 4 class

Mr.Keith Provides Mental Health For His Students

Colin Schuessler, Staff Reporter November 16, 2021

Theater teacher Keith Williams always makes sure to prioritize the mental health of his students. Williams's high school Musical Theater Dance 3 & 4 class, has spent multiple class periods talking...

Senior Nayla Nava giving her speech for high school President.

The winners of student council are announced!

Jordan Gorham, Editor November 9, 2021

On Wednesday, October 6th and Thursday, October 7th the Grand Center Arts Academy middle school and high school students, grades 6th through 12th, gave their student council speeches to have a shot at...

Middle School Homecoming Ticket

Student Council Staff are now selling homecoming tickets!

Colin Schuessler, Staff Reporter October 21, 2021

Homecoming tickets are on sale now! They are $20 for high school Students and $10 for middle school students. They will be on sale every day at lunch until November 5th. High school homecoming will...

Doctor Kirstie Holtermann after giving seminar to students

Doctor comes to GCAA to guide and inspire students to follow medical dreams

Korissa Smith, Editor October 20, 2021

Counselor Russell Smith gave the future medical students of GCAA an opportunity to attend a presentation by future anesthesiologist, Kirstie Holtermann. Holtermann is currently in the program for anesthesia...

Show Who You Are!: GCAA student media holds contest to show what being young, wise, and free means to student body

Show Who You Are!: GCAA student media holds contest to show what being “young, wise, and free” means to student body

Korissa Smith, Editor October 13, 2021

GCAA Student media is giving a new opportunity for all students to participate in the making of the 2022 yearbook! Students from every grade are asked to show what being “young, wise, and free” means...

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