GCAA Then and Now: Class of 2022 Perspective

Within the last seven years of its 2022 class arriving in 6th grade, GCAA has gained and lost students, faculty and staff within those years. Many things have been added to the school along with its new paint jobs in the North and South Cafeteria, and the hallways and floors of school. But something that many of the students that have been here since 6th grade have begun to realize is that there has been a major shift in the energy and environment of the school. Here is what they have to say about it.

“I think [the school] has changed in a bad way, because the school is now full of kids who don’t actually care about the arts,” senior Kara Hudson said

GCAA has always been known for its arts, but over the recent years students have felt that the school has become less involved with things like the arts and social justice. Some students feel that there will only be true improvement if both the staff and students truly care about the arts.

“GCAA can only improve if it’s a group effort,” Hudson said. “It’s not entirely on staff. A lot of it also depends on the students needing to actually care for the arts and not only do it for the grade.”

While some students might agree with Hudson and her thoughts about how GCAA has changed within 7 years of attending the school. Other students believe that GCAA has improved and changed in a much different way.

“I think GCAA has changed in a good way,” senior Malik Leeks said. “Between now and then the maturity in everyone has changed and people have focused their mindset to do well.”

Although Hudson and Leeks have different thoughts and opinions on how GCAA has changed within the last years, both seem to agree that GCAA could improve on building a better community and creating a better environment for students and staff at GCAA.

“Things that we could improve on is the unity as a whole and communication throughout the school for things that are coming up,” Leeks said. “Communication for activities needs to be better.”