Prom 2022: Midnight in Paris

“Tamia Swink and Island Lanos pose for a photo inside of the city museum’s vault room hallway”

The 2022 junior and senior prom took place in Saint Louis City Museum’s Vault Room which included an open space for dancing, a hall of mirrors, and a large golden vault. The room was also decorated in the chosen theme “Midnight In Paris.” Staff placed miniature Eiffel tower key chains on all the tables and a large Eiffel tower in a hall for pictures. There were also many lights hanging on the ceiling to express the night like theme. It was said to be very beautiful and fun.
“I couldn’t stop talking about it, therefore prom was fun,” said Senior Kelsey Lawrence. “Everybody looked amazing. I had never went to the City Museum, actually, so it was a fun experience.”

Some maybe not even expecting to have a good time commented that they could not bring themselves to regret going.

“I mean, honestly, it wasn’t really bad, it was actually enjoyable,”’ said Senior Isiah Lacey. “I actually did have a good time. Me and my boys just really chilled out.”

The decorations and props really stood out to many people.

“I liked the whole Paris theme. The lights on the tables, the Eiffel towers they left,’ said Teron Moore. “The food -it was cool mostly I liked the ravioli and the little chicken “

Moore also discusses his favorite part of prom,

“I think the best, the most thing that kept prom going was the 360 booth,” Senior Moore. “That kept us going and then towards the end when the DJ actually started playing some slides and some hip music.”

Prom was not only a night to remember due to the decorations and props, it was also a night to remember because of the many different fashion styles that the seniors of GCAA showed up in.

“I think everyone looked good and had their own style, going traditional or new,” said Senior Shanti Robinson.

Prom Queen senior Rebekah Gilbert also took the time to look back on her prom night in a positive light

“ It was really fun,” said Gilbert. “Could have used some more dancing. But other than that it was a pretty cool location. And the environment was positive. And everyone looked really good.

She also discusses her win as prom queen.

“I think I deserved to win. I think prom queen is kind of like a bragging right. I don’t think it, like – it means I represent the school or anything. I just think it’s cool to have a crown and look pretty…I think that other nominees are just as qualified as I was and if any of them had won I would have been just as happy.”

The years of COVID-19 have been hard. Many opportunities for students, especially seniors have been taken away from them. Prom was a night to remember not only because of the fun had but because it gave the seniors a chance to live a dream that in the past two years has been denied them again and again.