Balfour Comes to GCAA for Class Ring Sales

Ivy Beckenholdt, Assignment Editor

September 24, 2015

If you have ordered a class ring through Balfour, you will receive your ring tomorrow! Balfour, our class ring representative, is coming to GCAA Friday, September 25 to distribute rings. They will be distributed at lunch in the lobby. If you have not yet paid for the ring you can bring cash or pay throu...

Students Challenge Dress Code by Showing Midriff

Jerell McCole, Web Editor-in-Chief

September 16, 2015

In protest of the dress code, many students came to school wearing crop tops. The dress code policy states, “Clothing that reveals cleavage, midriff or any part of your behind," is prohibited. However, on Wednesday, September 16, walking through the halls, male and female students conduct civil d...

Administration Responds to Unionization

Ivy Beckenholdt, Assignment Editor

September 16, 2015

On Friday, September 11, the executive director of the Missouri Public School Association responded to the unionization efforts of the teachers here at GCAA. An open letter to the Missouri public school educators was put out on their website asking the teachers to reconsider the unionization effort. The...

GCAA Welcomes Robotics Team

Jerell McCole, Web Editor-in-Chief

September 10, 2015

“The FTC is for everyone. If you can plug in a battery, you can be a part of the FTC!” Students explained using persuasion in an informational video describing the First Tech Challenge (FTC). The First Tech Challenge is an annual international robotics competition held here in St. Louis. Students...

Grand Center Arts Academy Teachers Move to Unionize

Grand Center Arts Academy Teachers Move to Unionize

Ivy Beckenholdt, Assignment Editor

September 8, 2015

The news broke on Wednesday, September 2, that most of our school’s teachers had decided to unionize -- become members of an association that protects their rights. Misconceptions about unions include that the participants are completely against their management and are unhappy in the workplace; h...

Students’ Stress for AP, then Relax

Dariyun Franklin-Leonard, Staff Writer/Photographer

May 18, 2015

During the month of April, many students were preparing to take several important tests, some for the first time. A few sophomores are finished with the AP World History exam, and some juniors are finished with the AP US History exam. Most AP World History students showed mixed emotions when asked...

1 Weekend, 2 Glow Dances

1 Weekend, 2 Glow Dances

Kaley Ford, Staff Writer

May 15, 2015

On May 1st, the middle school had their first glow-in-the-dark themed party. The party started after school on Friday at 6:00, and ended at 8:30 later that night. “We wanted a MAP test reliever, and also because everyone was complaining that we never have any cool dances. So we tried to plan a cool...

Students Plan Senior Trip to Cancun

Amber Frost, Staff writer

May 14, 2015

Randy Thompson, 11th grade,  along with other juniors, has begun working  to make the senior year the best year yet. “We were like you know it would be funny, let’s go to Mexico, and see how much Spanish we can get around with,” Thompson stated. Cancun is a Mexican city with beaches that...

GCAA Radio Auditions

Valera Robinson, Staff Writer

May 13, 2015

Recently GCAA students got the opportunity to work with Maxine Clark from Build A Bear. Clark was looking for student talent so she came to John Klein,a GCAA administration staff member, asking if any of our students would be interested in doing a radio ad about her new app. Klein knew that there were...

Registration for New Year

Kawan Yarbrough, Staff Writer

May 12, 2015

The 2014-15 school year is coming to a close. Before the school year ends, students have to start figuring out what classes they want to take for the following year. It’s administration's responsibility to ensure that all of the students have the classes they need, and also to ensure that they have...

First-ever career day brings new choices beyond high school

Lexi Brunsma, Staff Writer

May 12, 2015

GCAA experienced their very first career day where many students got insight on careers they would potentially want to pursue. High school students got to talk to professionals from various occupations at career day. Career day was set up on the 6th floor and professionals who participated had a station...

Plans for 2015- 2016 School Year with First Graduating Class

Elyse Luecke, Staff Writer

May 12, 2015

As the school year comes to a close, teachers, administrators, and students start to think about next year’s plans. The 2015-2016 school year will be the first with a senior class, and several new classes and electives were created such as: 1818 literature, creative writing,  calculus 1, and elementary...

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